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Energizing Puerto Rico

Nearly half of Puerto Rico's residents - men, women, children, the elderly, and the sick - are still without power after Hurricane Maria hit on September 20th. We started an effort to bring power back to Puerto Rico by supplying remote areas with solar rechargeable battery packs. With your support, we will deliver 200 battery packs which will supply power to families each day for years to come. Join our effort and donate now.

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The future of technology relies on batteries.

Sharpell Technologies designs, manufactures, and tests battery packs for the automotive, aerospace, defense, and energy storage sectors using tailored cell chemistry, proprietary ballistic grade protection, and the methodology of creating the most advanced battery packs ever.

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Features at a Glance

More Environmentally Friendly

Batteries built using recycled carbon

More Energy Storage

More power, same size

Longer Lasting

4x the life of existing batteries


Silicon Graphene High Performance Cells

Shipping Now

Carbon Negative Cell Technology

Available 2019